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About CAD (Classification) Numbers

Issuing of CAD Numbers

CAD will issue a CAD Number after a commercial has been classified. 

CAD cannot issue a CAD Number or provide final classification advice until a commercial is submitted in final form along with any required documentation.

Subsequent alteration to a commercial after it has been classified will render the CAD Number invalid, except for the addition of closed captions, provided that the closed captions do not obscure any visual information such as supers, graphics, disclaimers, pricing and other details.

How do I know if my commercial has been classified?
Upon classification, CAD will send confirmation of the CAD number/s via email after which they will also be available via the Classified and Closed tab on the CAD Online Application System.

How will I know what Classification my commercial has received?
CAD will assign a Classification (a Placement Code) to your commercial which appears as the first character in the assigned CAD Number. Refer to the Placement Codes (including specific Placement Codes for Betting/Gambling & Liquor and Cinema/DVD/Films/Videos and Games categories) on this site for more information.

Duration of CAD Numbers

CAD Numbers are valid for two years. The two-year period commences from the date the CAD Number is issued. When the two year classification period has expired, commercials should be resubmitted to CAD. The process for classification will be done in the usual way and may include the need to supply substantiation if the original substantiation is no longer valid.

CAD Numbers issued for Government or Statutory Authorities/Agencies expire three months after initial classification unless an extension is requested. The CAD Number can be extended for a further three-month period, where no change has been made to the commercial. To request an extension you need to upload a comment via your Job List on the CAD Online Application System and also send an email to

Note: changes in legal and regulatory requirements can occur at any time in which case classification may be withdrawn within the relevant two-year period. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to monitor and inform CAD of any changes in fact or law that may affect the classification.

Renewal of CAD Numbers

When the two-year classification period has expired, commercials should be resubmitted to CAD for classification in the usual way.