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Commercials Advice provides classification and information services to advertisers, agencies and production houses in relation to television commercials and infomercials. The Code provides that television commercials (including infomercials) and community service announcements must be classified before they can be broadcast, CAD strongly recommends that television commercials are submitted to CAD to be classified before they are submitted for broadcast. It is important to note that CAD does not provide legal advice. It is the responsibility of each advertiser and or its advertising agency to ensure that their commercial/s comply with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements.

For more information about CAD's services, classification procedures and television production guidelines please download a copy of the Classification Handbook.

CAD requires a minimum of two (2) working days prior to your Required By date. Ads containing complex claims or those requiring a detailed review and infomercials will taker longer. Processing of submissions received after 5pm will commence the following day. For further information on the processing times for TVCs, click here and for infomercials, click here.

CAD requires a minimum of two working days, upon receipt of all your TVC materials, to process your application.  However, same day turnaround can be arranged through CAD.  An additional 100 per cent of the normally applicable rate will be charged when advertisements are submitted requiring same day classification.  Same day service is in no way guaranteed until it is confirmed by CAD.

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