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Classification Checklist

With your application you must provide the following:

1.  A copy of the full Audio/Visual Script/Storyboard
All applications for classification must be accompanied by a full audio/visual script or storyboard which must detail all graphics, disclaimers, lyrics, dialogue from movie trailers etc. The audio/visual must accurately reflect the final TVC/infomercial. These can be provided as Word or PDF documents (.doc, .docx or .pdf).

2. Substantiation
Written documentation may need to be provided to substantiate any claims. Some product categories such as therapeutic goods, alcohol and motor vehicles may require additional documentation. Please ensure you supply any substantiation requested at the pre-check stage.

3. Final Commercial
You can provide your material electronically using Adstream, Dubsat or IMD services. You can also upload an OP53 compliant MPEG using the Online Application System. Or you can provide your material on an OP55 compliant DVD. Infomercials must be supplied on a DVD.


•  Processing of your application will ONLY commence once we have received ALL elements. 
•  Please ensure all information is accurate (eg the key number on your application matches the ID board on your material).
•  Failure to fully complete the application process will result in a delay in processing your request.

Please note, CAD must receive ALL materials at least 2 days prior to the day you require classification of TVCs. For infomercials at least 28 days is required.

For further information regarding CAD processes refer to the Classification Handbook and/or the Frequently Asked Questions - Sept 17.

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact CAD by email at