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Classifying a Revised TVC

The process for submitting a revised television commercial for classification is similar to submitting an application for a new TVC. 'Revision' include changes to voice-overs, production inserts or cut-downs.

The revised TVC application process is as follows:

1.  You will need to submit your application via the CAD Online Application System by applying for classification and then selecting the appropriate revision type for each key number.

2. Upload a copy of the revised audio/visual script detailing the revision (clearly indicating changes made).

3. Upload a comment confirming the revision, quoting the original key number and/or CAD Number issued. You may also need to re-supply substantiation if the original substantiation documentation is no longer valid.

4. You can provide your material electronically using Adstream or IMD services. You can also upload OP53 compliant MPEGs of your TVCs using the Online Application System. Or you can provide your material on OP55 compliant DVDs. Please courier to:
CAD, Ground Floor, 44 Avenue Road, Mosman NSW 2088. Unfortunately DVDs cannot be returned.

Minor Revisions to TVCs

The process for classifying a minor revision televison commercial is similar to classifying a revised TVC. Please refer to points 1 to 4 above.

In circumstances where only a minor change is made to an existing TVC, CAD may be able to issue a new CAD Number for the revised material without you having to re-supply a copy of the ad.

Below are examples of when a 'minor revision' submission may suffice:

Amendment to a phone number or removal/addition of a phone number  
Amendment to a website address or removal/addition of a web address 
•  Dealer tags - addition or amendment to an existing dealer tag 
Film release tags eg change from 'Starts Thursday' to 'Now Showing' revisions 
DVD, CD, cinema release tags eg 'In store Monday' to 'Out Now' revisions 
Addition of closed captions 
Change to audio mix/colour grading 
Logo changed/added 
•  One line VO changes 
•  Single super changes 

Please note 'minor revisions' do not include cut-downs and changes to product inserts (eg retail advertising). These are classed as 'revisions'. Please refer to points 1 to 4 above.

CAD reserves the right to request final vision.

If you are in doubt as to what materials you need to provide with your application, please contact CAD on (02) 8968 7200 or email

CAD must receive ALL materials at least 2 working days prior to the date you require classification.