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Pre-Check Service

Producers, agencies and advertisers are encouraged to discuss the content of a commercial at concept or script/storyboard stages of production to obtain an indication of the likely classification and to be directed to any regulatory requirements. Any such discussions will be kept strictly confidential. 

This service is highly recommended and can be completed within 24 hours* using our Priority Processing Service. If you require a Priority Processing Service for a pre-check, please post a comment to the job to let our classification team know.

How to apply for a Pre-Check

1.  Please complete your pre-check application using the CAD Online Application System by selecting Request a Pre-check. This service can also be used to review off-line edits prior to finalising a TVC.

2.  Make sure you provide a copy of your script/storyboard or off-line edit.

3.  If your media schedule dictates that the ad attain a certain classification, please detail this in your application.

4.  Please respond to any requests made for substantiation or other information prior to production in case we need to provide you with further feedback.  Substantiation provided to CAD during a pre-check reduces the risk of delay with your application for a CAD number or the possibility of the TVC requiring an amendment which may delay on-air commitments. 

Please allow at least 3 working days for CAD to review and provide comments/feedback. Scripts containing complex claims or requiring a more detailed review may take longer.

Please note that this service does not provide legal advice and that it is the responsibility of each advertiser and/or its advertising agency to ensure their commercial complies with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements.

CAD numbers are only issued on completed commercials. Once your pre-check is complete you will need to submit the final TVC and details of your pre-check reference number via the CAD Online Application System.

Please note the pre-check service is not available for infomercials.

*terms and conditions apply.