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Processing Times for TVCs

You must allow at least 2 working days for review of TVCs. Commercials containing complex claims or requiring a detailed review may take longer. The following needs to be considered when applying for classification of a TVC:

1.   Ensure you incorporate enough time to modify your TVC if required.
2. You may also need to allow time for captioning.
3. Please ensure you allow enough time for your TVC to be despatched prior to your on-air date.

The online application asks you to state the date you require classification by and on-air date. If these dates are brought forward, please advise CAD immediately to avoid missing your on-air commitments. Don’t forget to also advise us if your deadline is pushed back as this will assist CAD to prioritise applications.

Classifying a TVC

Allow at least 2 working days after all materials are received.

Classifying a Revised TVC

Allow at least 2 working days after all materials are received.


Allow at least 5 working days for CAD to provide feedback on your scripts or storyboards.

CAD must receive ALL materials (including vision and accurate script) before classification can commence. Failure to fully complete the application process will delay classification.

Applications are prioritised by Required By and on-air dates and then processed in the order in which they are received by CAD. 

Requests for same day classification will only be considered when ALL materials by MIDDAY on the day required (100% late fee applies). No late applications will be accepted. Same day classification is in no way guaranteed until it is confirmed by CAD.

Applications submitted after 5pm Sydney time will be treated as next day jobs. If classification is required the next day a 100% late fee will apply.

CAD’s business hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5.30pm. CAD is closed on public holidays.

For further information regarding Processing Times refer to the FAQs.