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Things to consider


Applying for Classification Every time you apply for classification of a commercial you will need to complete an application via the CAD Online Application System.

Please note classification cannot commence until we receive ALL your materials.

The online application asks you to state the date you require classification by and on-air date. If the dates change, please advise CAD immediately to avoid missing your on-air commitments. Don’t forget to advise us if your deadline is pushed back as this will assist CAD to prioritise applications.


You will also need to submit a detailed script with your application. The vision component of the script needs to include a description of everything visible on the screen, including all supers and disclaimers. A storyboard will suffice as long as it includes all supers and disclaimers. The audio component of the script needs to include everything that can be heard in the commercial including dialogue, jingles, voice-overs etc.


Claims in your TVC may need to be substantiated. Substantiation and other documentation and/or information including any Terms & Conditions, competition entry details etc may also be required. We will request these things however if you wait for us to ask you, your application will be delayed, so please provide this type of information with your application. 

You will also need to supply any substantiation requested at the pre-check stage.

Further examples of when substantiation or other documentation may be required, can be found here. If you are unsure about these requirements, please contact CAD.

Material delivery

When delivering your TVC via Adstream, Dubsat or IMD, please ensure the correct key number is used to identify it, both on the ID board and on any booking or delivery advice. If you realise an incorrect key number has been used or you change how you will deliver the TVC to CAD, you must advise CAD as soon as possible to avoid a delay in the processing of your application.

You can also supply a OP55 compliant DVD copy of your ads directly to CAD or upload OP53 compliant MPEGs using the CAD Online Application System.

Infomercials must be supplied on OP55 compliant DVDs.

Key Numbers

Please ensure key numbers are no longer than 13 characters. Some traffic systems will not accept key numbers which are longer than this and if the whole key number cannot be matched to a CAD Number, you run the risk of your TVC not going to air. 


Wherever there is a change to a key number, a new CAD Number will be required no matter how minor the change to the TVC. However, there are some instances where you do not need to supply the final TVC again. To determine if your application qualifies as a ‘No Vision submission’ click here.


You need to allow at least 2 working days for your TVC to be reviewed. Please ensure you factor this timing into your production schedules. Given the duration of infomercials, CAD requires at least 28 days to review. TVCs or infomercials containing complex claims or requiring a detailed review may take longer.

Commercials Advice can only issue a CAD Number once the final commercial/Infomercial has been reviewed.

For further information regarding CAD processes refer to the Frequently Asked Questions - Sept 17.