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Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice

Free TV Australia has developed a new Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice that reflects Australia’s modern digital media landscape, upholds community standards and ensures appropriate viewer safeguards. It draws on extensive community consultation and has been registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The new Code is effective 1 December 2015.

The updated Code:
Contains no change to the amount of advertising on commercial free-to-air television; 
•  More accurately reflects how Australians are actually consuming television content;
•  Contains key community safeguards in the areas of classification, news and current affairs, advertisements, and effective complaints-handling;
•  Incorporates a range of protections to limit the exposure of children to potentially unsuitable material, including specific rules for content after 7.30pm and advertising placement restrictions;
Is simplified, more concise and consumer-friendly; and
•  Ensures commercial television remains Australia’s safest and most heavily regulated content platform.

For more information about the Code of Practice, click here.

  Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (2015)
  FACT SHEET: Overview of the Code of Practice