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Free TV Facts

Commercial free-to-air television delivers the very best quality programming to all Australians for free. Free TV reaches all Australian households and on any given day is watched by more than 14 million Australians. In 2011-12 alone, Free TV networks invested a massive $1.35 billion on Australian content.

Investment in Australian content last year  $1.35 billion
Number of Australians that tune in everyday  14 million
Average time spent watching TV each day  3 hours 6 minutes
Australian content (main channels – 2010)     25,650 hours
Australian content (digital channels – YTD)   6,400 hours
First-run drama and documentaries 2010  716 hours
Sport in 2010  2,450 hours
News and current affairs hours each week  315 hours
Australians employed (directly and indirectly)  15,000
Number of localised main channels nationally                102
Investment in digital television  $2 billion
Licence fees paid in 15 years to 2009  $3.8 billion (CPI adjusted)
Number of unique channels  9
Cost to consumer  Free

To download a Free TV Fact Sheet, click here.