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How does the Parental Lock work?

Parental Locks allow you to block programs based on their classification (for example, G, PG, M or MA), or in some cases block whole channels, via the use of a PIN (personal identification number).

Once the function is activated, only those with access to the PIN can view the blocked programming or channel. The PIN is nominated by you at time of set-up. 

Your lock settings can be changed at any time by accessing the Parental Lock feature and entering your PIN. 

Parental Locks vary between devices, so you should refer to your product manual or user guide for instructions on how to use this functionality on your particular device, or contact the manufacturer. 

How to use the Parental Lock

Parental Locks vary between devices, so you should refer to your equipment’s product manual or user guide for instructions on how to use this functionality. Most manufacturers have information on their websites about where to locate and how to use the Parental Lock feature.

In most cases, you will need to begin by clicking on the MENU or SET-UP button on your remote control and then accessing your set-up options. The feature should be listed as Lock, Parental Lock or Parental Control.

Most Parental Lock functions require a PIN (personal identification number). When accessing the Parental Lock feature for the first time, the PIN will be a default PIN set by the manufacturer. In most instances this will be 0000 or 1234. Once the default PIN is entered, you can then nominate your own PIN. If you change your PIN you must remember to write it down and store it in a safe place. If you lose or forget your PIN, you may be required to reset your device to the default factory settings.

Most devices allow you to either block a particular channel or block content based on the classification level. For example, by selecting PG, any program content rated PG or higher (ie. M and MA) will require the use of a PIN to view/access this content. For more information about program classifications, click here to download a Fact Sheet.

Once your options are selected, only those who know the PIN code can access or view the blocked content.

Important: Once you have enabled the Parental Lock, you may need to change channels or switch your television off and back on again for the Lock to take effect.

What content can't be blocked?

In some instances, the Parental Lock feature will not work on any content or program that has been recorded. This includes any content that has been paused (even if it's for a second or two).

Some sporting programs as well as news and current affairs programs are not subject to classification and therefore will not be blocked if the Block by Classification option has been enabled.

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