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The Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice

The Code regulates program content on commercial free-to-air television, including:

  • program classification;
  • accuracy, fairness and respect for privacy in news and current affairs;
  • non-program matter on television; and
  • placement of commercials and program promotions.

Visit our Code of Practice section for more information about the Code.

You can also find out more about how to raise an issue related to the Code in our Complaints under the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice section.

Complaints about something you have seen on the ABC, SBS or Foxtel

The ABC, SBS and Foxtel are covered by their own codes of practice. Any feedback concerning programming or advertising on these networks needs to be referred directly to the relevant station.

Complaints about advertising

Complaints about the content of advertising (including commercials, advertorials, or in-program product placement) need to be directed to Ad Standards.

Feedback about matters not covered by the Code

Commercial free-to-air networks value audience feedback as an important way of keeping in touch with community opinion. If your feedback concerns a particular programming matter not covered by the Code, such as general scheduling queries or general feedback you should contact the relevant station. View contact details for each of the commercial free-to-air television stations.

Complaints about captioning

Feedback or complaints about captioning can be made directly to the network concerned, or using the Electronic Lodgement System.

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