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TV is the world’s most effective advertising platform, and advertisers invest because it works. Australian companies spent over $4 billion on television advertising in 2018-19

And here are just a few key reasons why, courtesy of our industry partners at ThinkTV.


Population Reach


BVOD viewing increase


TV has unbeatably fast reach and scale: over 13 million Australians tune into something on commercial free-to-air television every day, reaching 92% of the population every month.

TV is everywhere: broadcaster video on demand (BVOD) makes TV content available across every screen. BVOD viewing jumped 43% YOY in February 2019, with Australians watching nearly 3 billion BVOD minutes that month.


TV is the great entertainer, and watching TV is Australians’ No.1 entertainment activity, with our top 50 programs in 2018 all delivering audiences in excess of 1.7 million viewers.

House Rules – 7 Network


Despite the emergence of new SVOD services such as Netflix and the arrival of online video platforms such as YouTube, TV consumption remains strong.

The average Australian watches 2 hours and 24 minutes of broadcast television a day on in-home television sets.

Trust and Impact

TV has professionally produced, brand-safe content.

TV ads stay in consumers’ memories for longer than ads on online-only platforms.


TV advertising works: TV delivers advertisers a bigger return on investment than any other media. Ebiquity, the leading, independent marketing analytics firm, found that every $1 invested in TV advertising generated a return of $1.74 for FMCG brands.

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