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Free TV Australia is the united and trusted voice of commercial television broadcasters in the important national policy debates that impact viewers and broadcasters.  We serve as a central point of action on matters of common interest and ensure that policymakers are informed on the issues that affect the broadcasting sector.

Free TV Australia recognises the importance of engaging with Government and regulators on how legislation and regulations affect the businesses of our members, and more importantly, the viewing public.

Free TV – Australian. Trusted. Free.


Free TV fights for legislative and regulatory policies that support our members commitment to serving their local communities.

Australian Content

Free TV broadcasters produce more Australian content than any other media platform.  Current Australian content rules are out of date.

We advocate for a sustainable mix of quotas and production incentives so that Free TV broadcasters can continue to make great Australian stories.

Modern Regulatory Framework

Free TV broadcasters operate under a regulatory framework that does not reflect the modern media landscape, while many digital platforms remain largely unregulated.

We champion effective and future facing outcomes that balance the obligations on all media platforms.

Future Platform

Broadcasting technology is always evolving.

We work with industry stakeholders to ensure our broadcast platform is fit for purpose for years to come.

Media Freedom

Freedom of the media is essential to a functioning democracy.

We fight for better laws to ensure that our journalists can bring you the stories that shine a light on all levels of Government.

What is Free TV is advocating for?

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Industry Standards

Every day, millions of Australians turn to Free TV for the local news, sport, drama and entertainment programming that they love.  They trust that the services provided by commercial television broadcasters will reflect our Australian identity and the standards we expect as a society.
Free TV broadcasters operate in accordance with an extensive framework of laws, licence conditions, ACMA standards and the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice.  That’s what makes us Australia’s most trusted media platform.
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Technology & Innovation

The members of Free TV Australia have a long history of innovation in the content they produce and commission, and the technology that brings that content to all Australians, for free and across an ever-growing number of distribution platforms.

Free TV Australia works with government departments, consumer equipment manufacturers and its members to ensure the Australian commercial free-to-air networks are at the cutting edge of new technology.

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Lego Masters

Power of TV Advertising

TV is the world’s most effective advertising platform. Advertisers invest in television advertising because it works. Australian advertising clients spent over $4 billion in television advertising in 2017-18.

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