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Media Release

Free TV Broadcasters proud to exceed Local Content Quotas

Free TV today welcomed the ACMA’s release of 2022 Australian content quota compliance data, which highlights the huge and ongoing commitment of commercial television broadcasters to delivering great Australian content. 

Free TV CEO, Bridget Fair said “This year, commercial television has again shot the lights out in delivering Australian content to Australian audiences – unmatched by any other platform.

“These numbers show that in 2022 all Free TV members vastly exceeded their requirement to show 55% Australian content on their main channel, with an average of 75% across all networks and some broadcasters reaching over 80%.

“On non-primary channels, Free TV broadcasters showed more than double the required number of hours and delivered over 25,000 hours of Australian content across their main and additional channels.

“We are committed to bringing Australians the great local drama, trusted news, live and free sport and captivating entertainment that they love. Our services are available for free to every Australian, and create national moments that bring the country together through compelling Australian stories, sporting triumphs and information people can rely on. 

“No other platform even comes close to delivering this much Australian programming, year in, year out. Commercial television proudly remains the home of local content and the cornerstone of the Australian production industry.” Ms Fair said.

Key points from ACMA’s Australian content quota compliance data are:

  • Commercial broadcasters have over-delivered on content quotas, broadcasting an average of 75% Australian content on their primary channels (up from 73% last year). Each broadcaster exceeded the 55% (between 6am and midnight) quota
  • Free TV broadcasters provided audiences with over 25,000 hours of Australian content.
  • Commercial broadcasters also exceeded the Australian content quota on their non-primary channels, broadcasting an average of 3,538 hours of Australian content between 6pm and midnight – more than double the required hours and a 15% increase on last year.
  • All regional licensees exceeded the transmission quotas for Australian content, on both primary channels and non-primary channels.
  • The Australian Content and Children’s Television Standards (ACCTS) requires commercial television licensees to broadcast at least 250 points of first release Australian programs, across certain genres, each calendar year. All metropolitan licensees overdelivered on the annual points quota under the ACCTS, averaging 319 points across the year.


Download a copy of the PDF here