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Media Release

Free TV Welcomes Minister Fletcher’s Commitment to progress work on Prominence

Free TV today welcomed the statement from Minister Fletcher following the first meeting of the Future of Broadcasting Working Group.

Free TV CEO, Bridget Fair said “Today’s meeting of the Future of Broadcasting Working Group was very constructive.  We thank Minister Fletcher for commencing work on this important initiative prior to the election.

Free TV Broadcasters particularly welcome the prioritisation of the work on prominence of Australian television services on smart TVs and other connected devices.  Ensuring that all Australians have access to their free television services is the most urgent regulatory issue for the television sector.

Audiences are increasingly dependent on smart TV operating systems for how they find their local television services, and we strongly believe that a regulatory solution will be required. 

Australians from all walks of life rely on Free TV services. Regardless of the election outcome, politicians will need to make important decisions on the future of the industry that will affect what Australians can watch on television, and how it can be accessed.

Research released by Free TV in February 2022 revealed strong support for commercial television services in the electorate:

  • 78% of Australians agree that reliable free-to-air television services are crucial, especially for those without strong internet;
  • 76% of Australians agree that free-to-air television ensures Australians have access to iconic sporting events; and
  • 72% of Australians agree that free-to-air television allows access to television without straining budgets.

What we’ve found is that Australians overwhelmingly back free-to-air television, and the public want our politicians to support our industry too.

Minister Fletcher’s statement today recognises the need to maximise the availability of free to air television services to all Australians and identifies prominence as key to achieving this important public policy outcome.  We look forward to participating in the work of the Future of Broadcasting Working Group on this issue.”

Download a copy of PDF here.