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Free TV welcomes moves to release Google’s stranglehold on ad tech

By January 28, 2021No Comments

Free TV Australia today welcomed the ACCC’s advertising technology interim report, that recognises that there is a serious issue with lack of competition and transparency in the ad tech market.

Free TV CEO, Bridget Fair said: “We are very pleased that the ACCC has recognised the concerns we have raised about inefficiencies and lack of choice in the ad tech market.

“We strongly support the ACCC’s proposed measures to allow advertisers and publishers to choose their own ad tech suppliers and to improve transparency measures.  This will deliver more competition into the market and importantly ensure that advertisers know where their money is going.

“With less money wasted in the system, more money will be available for Free TV broadcasters and other content creators to continue to invest in great local programming and trusted news.

“In submissions to the ACCC since 2017, Free TV has been calling for new rules to govern the ad tech market, specifically to ensure that Google does not preference its own products and that auctions processes are fair and transparent. We very much welcome the fact that the ACCC has included this proposal in its interim report.

“The ACCC report is consistent with actions being taken around the world to support an open and transparent ad tech market. We look forward to working with the ACCC as it finalises its advice to Government by August 2021,” Ms Fair said.

Download a copy of PDF here.