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Media Release

Viewers the winners in Content Reform

By September 30, 2020No Comments

Free TV Australia today welcomed the Government’s announcement to update the Australian content rules that apply to commercial television broadcasters.

Free TV CEO Bridget Fair said, “Free TV broadcasters remain committed to making and broadcasting Australian content for a simple, powerful reason: Australians want to watch Australian programs. These reforms will deliver greater flexibility to respond to what our audiences demand.

“Today’s announcement is a huge positive for the Australian film and television production sector.  The Government has combined a more flexible quota system with strong incentives for production of quality Australian programs in a way that should stimulate a broad range of Australian stories.

“The old quota system was collapsing under its own weight.  There has long been a need for the onerous and outdated framework, in place since the 1980’s, to be updated.   We commend Minister Fletcher for recognising the need to ensure the sustainability of the sector. The Government has carefully considered this issue and the Minister’s decision has simplified and modernised the quota framework while supporting Australian production with strong incentives and direct funding.

“By ensuring broadcasters are incentivised to make the programs that are most relevant to their audiences rather than slavishly meeting sub quota obligations, these reforms will assist to maintain the health and sustainability not only of commercial television broadcasters, but of the entire content production ecosystem.

The real winners in this reform package are TV audiences, who will continue to enjoy the Australian programs they love”, Ms Fair said.

Download a copy of PDF here.